Pulling inspiration from his natural surroundings in Mt Tamalais, Chase Roselli's new body of work aims to translate the mental activity and filters of his mind's eye through his fingers and out onto the canvas. Using a beveled edge to create visual depth on a flat surface, the shapes and contours that are expressed are spontaneous and drawn out of memories in the field or from a musical moment. The viewer's field of vision is skewed by the false perspectives implied by the repetition of line. Slight variations to each descending layer vibrate the flat canvas with movement.

It is the individual viewer that holds the true image that appears, each person seeing something different than the next, each interpretation correct.

With great pleasure Four Barrel and The Mill present Chase Roselli's 'DESCENDING.'     

Hoping not only that you get lost in the work but that you enjoy the journey back. 

June 21st - August 1st / The Mill SF / 736 Divisadero St.